Who Am I ?

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how i managed to climb the stairs of the success.

My journey/Viewpoint

I am Dhruvir Zala, a blogger, a BBA undergraduate and an internet enthusiastic. I love to surf new pieces of stuff on the internet and I do it on a regular basis. Besides that, I love to play Table Tennis though I never qualified for any tournaments. 

Blogging has changed my living style positively. When I came to know about the word blogging, I didn’t give much heed to it as I thought it as a hoodwink due to some online piracy fears.

But when I came to know about the reality of blogging and its future, I was unable to resist and dived right off into it. I was not able to ask my father about the money required to buy the Domain and the Hosting.

Luckily, my sister assisted me with it and cleared the concept of blogging to my father. Finally, I was able to cope up with the blogging cycle by learning new things every day either through the Udemy courses or the genuine you tubers and the digital marketers. I developed and polished my skills every single day. 

The first lesson that I learned from blogging was that it opens up our minds and helps us learn and explore many new and interesting possibilities. 

It all started there and I continued blogging with my self-motivation and some peer support.

My only suggestion to all my readers goes like this:

Once you start blogging, never leave it, be consistent. It is common to get demotivated in the beginning due to a lack of views. But as per my and the whole world’s belief, consistency can bring a lot of change and flying colors in your results.

I like to Blog about:

  • Social Media Tips
  • Tech Tips
  • Making Money Online 

If you are interested to know more about my life, feel free to contact us.