How to Become a Full-Time Video Editor?

How to Become a Full-Time Video Editor

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Are you looking to pursue a career in the media and entertainment industry? The job of a video editor is a popular one and is currently in demand. 

With dozens of channels popping up on Youtube every day, more content is being created every minute, all of which require proper editing. 

According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the profession is projected to grow by 11% between 2018 and 2028. 

If you are looking to pursue a career in video editing and aren’t sure about where to start, here’s how you can begin. 

Skills Required for a Video Editor

The following are some of the skills that are required to become a proficient video editor: 

How to Get the Required Training to Become a Video Editor?

Training and experience are interconnected. 

You can’t get started without adequate training in the software and understanding the basic concepts of video editing. 

Work experience is essential, as video editing is a process that requires collaboration, and learning is a prerequisite for training.

Initially, you can take a formal course to learn some basics, but later, you need to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry to work your way up. 

You also need to get a grip on the variety of video editing software, which will involve some amount of self-study from your end. Once you are ready, you can look for projects that you know you will successfully complete. 

Tips for Pursuing a Career as a Video Editor


1. Pursuing Work as a Freelancer

If you work as a freelancer, you may lack the benefit of a company’s name and reputation, so you need to focus on delivering high-quality work that speaks for itself. 

As you continue to gain experience in this field, working on a variety of genres and budgets, you will be able to tailor your future projects based on the client’s requirement and interest. 

2. Work on Your Strengths

As a video editor, it is critical to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

 Different genres require different expertise, and the time required to complete them may vary as well. 

Mismanagement of time or failing to meet deadlines and budget guidelines can affect the potential work headed your way and harm your reputation.

 Prudently pick and choose assignments, work on the video categories in which you feel you can contribute the maximum to preserve your reputation and project yourself as a pioneer.

3. Keep on Upgrading

With the video editing technology advancing rapidly every year, it means that if you aren’t learning, you are moving backward. 

It is important to stay updated in the case of editing technology and techniques to ensure you are competitive in this domain. 

You can follow popular tech blogs and websites, like InVideo,  to stay updated on industry trends. 

By following people who are the leaders in the field, you’ll be sure to stay on track and remain apprised of the major industry developments. 

4. Focus on Diversification

Diversification of skills is important in every field and is particularly important in the film industry. 

By diversifying and branching out, you will be able to find plenty of alternatives in case your current project availability begins to dry up. 

Video editors having a background in assistant direction, sound engineering, and video production can easily transition. 

5. Have Some Showreels Handy

When you think of working as a full-time video editor, it is essential to create a showreel of your work. 

Try to put your best work in the beginning, i.e., the first ten seconds, as it will decide whether a client might hire you. 

Don’t try to copy or put someone else’s work in your showreel, as clients look for your creativity and strength, so try to be honest. 

The more jobs you undertake, the better your showreel becomes and helps you bank more clients. With that being said, don’t include any client footage, as they may have existing rights over it. Take their permission prior to adding it to your showreel. 

6. Find a Niche Which Suits You

Some editors specialize in editing birthday videos, some in real estate videos, and so on. 

The best way to get real estate videos or birthday videos, for example, is to contact and engage people who are already working in the field, such as event organizers, hotel chains, videographers, etc. 

There may be a case where wedding photographers might need help in video editing, which can create an entry for you in this field. 

Promote yourself on social media as well and keep an updated work profile on platforms such as Linkedin, which the clients will consider. 

You can also follow video marketing tips like promotion through creative videos on Youtube, Instagram Live, and Facebook to showcase your talent. 


As you continue to grow, focus on completing your backlog. 

There may be times when you are working on projects with the same deadlines; that’s why time management plays a crucial role. 

Unless you are getting paid by the hour, you’ll need proper time management to reach out to new clients. You should complete your existing work and look for new projects simultaneously to help maintain a consistent flow of work. 

Lastly, enjoy the process, as it is a creative field. You’ll get the opportunity to experiment and create some amazing work.

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