How can you attract social media users to share your video content online? (5 Best Tactics Explained)

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Hey there, I have found out many articles on how can you attract social media users to share your video content online?

But unfortunately, none of the answers gives the perfect and permanent solution to it.

Therefore, I have come up with the 5 best solutions to attract your social media users to share your video content online for free

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5 Best ways on how can you attract social media users to share your video content online?


Let’s head over to 5 best ways for the same.

1. Tag/mention biggies on your post or videos: 

Mentioning has celebrities or linchpin of their field has been a great aid for all the normal people like you and me to get our Youtube videos in front of more eyes. Click To Tweet

But here, you need to remember that mentioning them will not surely let them know.

You will need to prepare some outline of the strategy that you are going to use.

For example:  

I am a YouTuber and I like to create comedy videos. So, I will never reach out directly to the people successful in comedy.

I will make some extraordinary videos and indirectly call out their names (mention them) on my video to let them know.

While making a video, you should keep in mind some following important rules:

  •  You are making videos for your audience, not for yourself.
  •  Try to explore the famous person’s video and try to structure videos like him/her.
  •  Don’t be afraid of sharing it everywhere.
  • Ignore hate comments and be happy with the positive ones.
  •  Never try to bore the audience for the sake of increasing the watch time.
  •  There is no substitute for consistency.

By following these rules, you will surely come out with something new and valuable.

This will surely help you attract social media users to share your video content online.


2. Evergreen hashtags always work:

How can you attract social media users to share your video content online with hashtags
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Some people say that using hashtags on your video description is dead.

But this is not true.

You can always gain more reach through evergreen hashtags.

What are Evergreen Hashtags?

Evergreen Hashtags are all-time favorites and stable hashtags. These are the hashtags whose value never decreases or increases in a short period.


How to find the evergreen hashtags?

Well, there are many apps for your smartphone and bucket of extensions for Google chrome, but what I suggest you use is an app called in tags.


Because I have a positive experience after using this free but awesome application. There are fewer ads and easy to use interface.

I have used these hashtags on Instagram and by doing this, it helped my post impressions to increase by around 

As per the developers of the app, it is highly developed for Instagram, but you can try them on youtube too.

No one can stop you from doing so.

If you are not comfortable with this method, I highly recommend you install a free chrome extension named Tube Buddy

This will help you find out the best keywords that your competitors are using and you can use them too by converting them into hashtags.

If you face difficulty in finding in setting up these extensions, you can check out this video by Tech Triangle.


3. Making videos according to your audience:

At told earlier, you will have to make videos according to your audience.

Yeah, that’s not difficult.

You don’t need to be an expert to do this.

I didn’t know how to face the camera but I tried and I got confident.

If confidence is seen on your speaking and your face, your viewers will feel an indirect connection, and eventually, your content will get shared.

Sometimes, you have the change the way you speak in front of the camera, not in the sense of faking it. Click To Tweet

You have to keep trying new things and find out what works best for your audience. 

You can even ask your viewers to give feedback as a comment on what they like and don’t like about you.

In this way, you are increasing your social presence which in turn benefits all.

If you never try, you will never know so it is never too late to start.


4. Use subtitles:

According to 
Babbel, approx of 20% of the world’s population speaks and understands English

There can be no better opportunity than this to add subtitles on your youtube videos and increase your engagements.

Though youtube has started providing google friendly subtitles in relevant videos, they are not exact.

So the better bet is that you should try your own and check out the change in results.

Using subtitles (in your native language) can even help you scale your local business as trust is built by doing so. 

Subtitles do not work like a miracle but something is better than nothing.

It is good even if you capture only 5 new users every day. 

They become your super-targeted audience.


5. Wear trends:

If nothing works, don’t feel unlucky and demotivated. Sometimes it’s not your fault.

Let me tell you my personal experience to motivate you:

I was working whole-heartily on Pinterest to convert that traffic to my site.

I was getting good results in the initial months. But soon, it started dropping.

I thought that “after putting so much time and effort into creating beautiful pins on Pinterest, why am I unable to get results?” 

I felt demotivated. But that was not the only option. 

Then I started searching for my faults to correct them.

Finally, I found out that I was publishing content on the term for which no one is searching for.

Therefore, I tried to cope up with different terms and trends and fortunately saw amazing positive results.

From that time, I understood that 
no niche is bad, all we have to improve is the way we research our topics.

You can do the same for Youtube. You can create outstanding videos on something trending and then you can keep up the good work.

If you are the one who wants to create amazing videos on youtube but is afraid of coming in front of the cameras, you can create whiteboard animation videos which are the most popular nowadays and very attractive.

You can make beautiful whiteboard animations using “VideoScribe” and connect your voice with the video.

You are good to go. I make sure you will attract new social media users to share your video content like anything.


Bottom Line:

Attracting social media users to share your content has many benefits and one of them is instant reputation.

Yes, I have seen some live examples becoming role models instantly after they have been viral because of one of their many videos.

This is the power of Social Media. If you use it wisely, no one can stop you from growing and reaching the heights of success.

These were the 5 best tactics about 
how can you attract social media users to share your video content online.

I hope it clears up all your doubts regarding the topic and may you be able to grow your youtube engagements.

It was from me.

Now I would like to hear it from you.

Which method from the 5 will you use to attract social media users?

Comment below right now.

Also, share your opinions if you have come up with any new strategies which are not discussed here in the 
comments below.

At last, don’t forget to 
share this article with your YouTuber friends and family to help them.

Thank you.


  1. How can you attract social media users to share your video content online?

    Below are the 5 best tactics to attract social media users to share your video content online:

    1. Tag/mention Biggies on your post or videos.
    2. Evergreen hashtags always work.
    3. Making videos according to your audience.
    4. Use Subtitles.
    5. Wear trends.

  2. how can your business benefit from video without making one yourself?

    If you want to succeed in video marketing industry without making one yourself, you can hire professional freelancers who can do it for you.

    For example:
    Founder of (Syed Balkhi) has a youtube channel but he does not make videos himself.

  3. when looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?

    You can learn more about running ads on that specific platform and then take action or running ads.
    But dont run ads without learning completely about it.

  4. which of the following is a key strategy for distributing your video content?

    If you want people to automatically distribute your video content, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

    1. Quality of the video.
    2. Details are given in the video.
    3. Super quality sound and graphics.
    4. Clear sound.
    5. Proper use of language.

  5. what can you do to help your videos appear in search results?

    To make your video up to the top search results, you should do the following things:

    1. Graphics optimization (Images and Videos)
    2. Proper voice
    3. SEO Optimizaion
    4. Best Quality Content
    5. Video Length

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