How to block channels on youtube – (7) effortless methods that you should right know

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This is a definitive guide about how to block channels on youtube.

Youtube is one of the biggest media platforms and has almost more than 2 billion monthly active users (as revealed by CEO Susan Wojcicki ).

It is also one of the platforms which have become an essential part of our life. Though channels owners performing click baits to gain more views has now been reduced to a great extent due to the more tight security by youtube. 

However, there are still many hidden channels that do the same kind of unnatural thing and promote injustice.

So, I am here to help you out with how to block channels on youtube. So you may have a question as follows:

Some of the main reasons for blocking a youtube channel:

  • Violation of the rights/policies for kids
  • Unacceptable Comments
  • Opposer
  • Unethical Content

There may be many more reasons that one follows to block a certain youtube channel. You may not want your child to consume the content that he/she does not require or you may want to quit the addiction of the videos with specific categories.

So it is necessary to block certain channels to maintain decorum. I will go through the best and effortless ways to block channels on youtube.

 1: How to block channels on youtube on a pc?

Blocking a particular channel on youtube is easy and effortless. Just follow some of the given steps:

  1. Open on your PC browser.
  2. Explore and open the channel that you wish to block.
  3. After following that, click on the ABOUT page of that specific channel.
  4. On that page, you will find out the FLAG symbol.
  5. Click on the FLAG symbol and select BLOCK USER from the given options.
  6. besides blocking that channel, youtube also gives more options i.e. REPORT USER, REPORT CHANNEL ART, or REPORT PROFILE PICTURE. You can individually perform any of the following operations.  

 2: How to block channels on youtube on a mobile phone?

Most of the Youtube users use it from mobile devices i.e. Android or iPhones.

Blocking certain channels from these devices is super easy as everything is done from wirelessly and at ease.

To block channel on youtube, 

  1. Open the youtube app on your device (Android or iPhone).
  2. Select and open the youtube channel that you wish to see no more.
  3. After opening that channel, you will see the 3 dots (grid) on the top right.
  4. Click on that 3 dots and select BLOCK USER from the given options.
  5. You will see that channel no more.


It is never surprising that youtube is the second biggest media platform in the world as reported by Oberlo. Besides, that almost 79% of the internet users have a youtube account and the number keeps increasing day by day.

The popularity of youtube mainly depends on the flexibility that they provide based on language. You can find the support of almost all the languages here which covers up to 95% of the world’s population.

Youtube promotes almost every kind of business which makes it more valuable. 

 3: How to block channels on youtube through Video Blocker extension?

Chrome extensions do not work on devices like mobile phones and tablets. They are specially made for PC to make work faster and easier.

Everyone who uses chrome extensions or any other extensions knows how helpful and comfortable they are to complete almost every work of yours in very less time. There is a chrome extension available for all the features that you use on the internet.

For those of you who do not know about the chrome extensions, they are the tools available on the Chrome Web Store as similar to google play store of an Apple app store. Some of them are paid too. But, do not worry. We will be using a free one which will fulfill all the solutions.

First of all, open Chrome web store on your PC.

how to block channels on youtube-video blocker extension


Search for the extensions called Video Bocker and add it to Chrome by downloading it for free.

how to block channels on youtube

After downloading it to chrome, visit and you will see the video blocker icon at the top bar. Hover mouse on any video and right-click. From many options, you will see an option saying BLOCK VIDEOS FROM THIS CHANNEL. By clicking on that, you will easily block that particular channel.


As per my recommendation, it is advisable to use this extension if you want to save some amount of time through a few quick clicks.

4: How to block channels on youtube through Youtube Kids:

youtue kids app

Nowadays, youtube is focussing more on creating content that is useful for the kids and the content which does not violate any policies and they are succeeding in doing so.

But as explained earlier, many spammers still do the opposite to gain attention, views and promote irrelevant stuff.

No one likes to let their child consume such type of content that makes a bad impact on the child’s mind in his/her early years.

Youtube can prevent spamming as much as possible but this cannot be stopped fully due to the vast popularity. Therefore, youtube has wisely decided and launched a special youtube app for kids known as Youtube Kids. (It is free.)

This app allows the publisher to post content related to kids and can be safely used by them. Until crossing a specific age, every child must be advised to use this app to maintain the decorum and charm on the face of the kids.

5: How to block channels on youtube through the restricting filter in PC:

By turning the restricted mode on, you can filter your search down by eliminating a certain amount of mature content.

But always remember the restricted mode does not filter out 100% of the explicit content. So it is advisable to turn this option on with using other safety measures too.

You can easily turn the restricted mode on PC as following:

  • Open Youtube on your PC’s browser. 
  • Click on your profile picture given at the top right corner.
  • Check the last option i.e. restricted mode.
  • Turn it on and you are done

how to block channels on youtube

6: How to block channels on youtube by restricting filter on mobile?

As most of the users, especially kids uses youtube from mobile devices, it is recommended to turn the restricted mode on to these devices too. The process of doing so is very simple.

  • Open the youtube app on your mobile phone.
  • As similar to the desktop version, click on your profile picture given at the top right corner and click on settings.
  • Many options will appear, out of that click on general and find out restricted mode at the bottom to turn it on. 

You are all set.

7: Removing what does not interests you:

At last, this feature of youtube may eventually help you to remove all your fears against a specific video that you want to hide.

Here, you can simply hide any particular video that you do not want to see anymore. By doing that, youtube will hide that video and not try to show it to you anymore.

This is a cool feature because here, you can quickly remove any video that catches your eye while scrolling. 

The process is as simple as follows:

After opening the homepage of youtube, click on the 3 dot buttons on any video. From many options, click on Not Interested and that video is gone.

If the case becomes extreme, you can always report the video and youtube will try its best to remove it as soon as possible.

So you can see how easy and effortless it is to block/report any channel on youtube. I have covered up all possible ways to block channels on youtube.

This was some of the best methods about how to block channels on youtube.

If you have found something new and interesting, please share it in the comment box so that each one of us can keep learning new things.

I hope this article helped you a lot. If it did, then please share it at all places. Keep learning, keep sharing.

Thank you.


How to block videos on YouTube app?

Blocking videos on the Youtube app is very easy and simple.
Follow the steps:
1. Open the Youtube app on your mobile devices.
2. Choose any video that you want to dump.
3. Click on the 3 dots situated near any particular video.
4. Out of many options, click on NOT INTERESTED.
You are all good to go.

What is video blocker?

Video blocker is the best chrome extension to block any unnecessary video with few easy clicks.

Is video blocker free?

Video blocker is lifetime free to use extension.

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