How to underline text in Whatsapp – Bold, italic, underline and strikethrough(2020 Latest Method)

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Here is the full guide about how to underline text in Whatsapp, bold, italic, and more.

Almost all the people, teenagers, and above use Whatsapp as the greatest means of communication and media sharing and it is used daily. It is an essential and must-have app and on many new phones, it is one of the apps that come pre-installed as offered by the company.

However, there are many other features of Whatsapp that many users do not know.

How to underline in whatsapp

Have you ever learned how to underline in Whatsapphow to strikethrough in Whatsapp, how to make the font bold and italics?

In this article, I will solve each of the queries regarding operating the following features and many more with some easy and effortless steps.

First of all, for those who do not know, let me clear up some easy definitions:

What is Underline in WhatsApp?

I know I am being foolish, but many do not any meaning. If you already know then you can skip this part.

Underlining is the form of giving importance to certain valuable words by inserting a horizontal line below the words and highlighting them.

What Is Strikethrough in WhatsApp?

According to Wikipedia, Strikethrough is the presentation of the words in the form of the horizontal straight line in the middle of the words. This is a form of a censored text but visible to the users.

What is bold and italic in WhatsApp?

Bold means to simply increase the weight of the text or simply darken the text.

Italic means to write the words in the Italic manner. In the upcoming paragraph, I will even teach you how to use them practically.

Now all the doubts must be clear regarding all the definitions that I’ve given to you.

  but wait how, will I be benefited from using these tricks? 

With the help of the following features in Whatsapp, you will be able to explain all the stuff to your peers easily without any confusion and there are even many more benefits that you will find out in this article.

Let’s get started without more consumption of time:

How to underline in Whatsapp:

First step:

How to underline in Whatsapp

You must update the Whatsapp app to the latest version because if you don’t do that then you might face some error regarding the same.

So make sure to update Whatsapp.

Second step: 

You will need to install a free app called Blue Words from the Play Store.


Blue words app is completely free to use and a genuine app. It has over One Million downloads and an easy to operate the app. It does not ask for any signup/registration, unlike other apps.

Whether you are using normal Whatsapp or the business version, you can easily add these features to your dictionary.

Third step:

Head over to the app. Here, you will see a lot of options. This is the awesome app for changing the fonts and their style. Some fonts even have different colors.

But because you need to underline the text, find the option called Underlined and click on it. After clicking the Underlined option, write the text that you want to underline and you will be able to copy the text anywhere you want including Whatsapp.

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This was all you had to do to underline any written text. As per my recommendation, you should use Blue words as it gives much flexibility to the users to use their preferred kind of fonts and styles.

Moving on to the next one:

How to Strikethrough in Whatsapp?

Already defined the term strikethrough previously in the article, you must be familiar with it and try it at least once out of your patience. Let us learn how easily you can do it as well.

It is very easy. Here, you will not require downloading any additional apps or tools. Everything is done in Whatsapp only.

First of all, Open Whatsapp. Write any text that you want and put this “ ~ ” special character called TILDE as prefix and postfix of the specific text.



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The gif must have made it easier for you to understand because of the easy visual understanding.

How to make text BOLD and ITALICS?

This is the easiest thing one can do in Whatsapp. This feature is very valuable in Whatsapp as it helps us to darken the following specific work or make it italic to differentiate it from other words.

To perform this feature of making any text BOLD in WhatsApp, write any text in Whatsapp on any chat and insert the symbol “ * ”.

To make any text italics in WhatsApp, insert this symbol “ _ ” which is known as underscore.

By doing this simple trick, you will be able to perform all the tasks easily without any further help.


If you do not want to perform any operations on the way that I suggested to you, you can simply follow an easy method :

Write any text and then press and hold the text. After doing so, you will be able to see and select the following options that you wish to choose.

These were all the specified tips and tricks that I promised to serve. I tried my best to serve you the best and latest working tricks therefore you can share them with everyone. I hope you liked how to underline in Whatsapp and other features.

Share it with all your friends and family to make them aware of these types of features.

If you want any other specific Tips and tricks tutorial regarding any app, please comment below and specify all your wants, I will try my best to fulfill all your needs.

Thank you.

How to underline text in Whatsapp?

Underlining in Whats-app is very simple but you need to download the free app called Blue Words to copy and paste the desired underlined text in Whats-app.

How to Strike through in Whats-app?

To strike through, you need to write any desired text in WhatsApp chat and insert ” ~ ” (TILDE) as prefix and postfix to successfully complete the operation.

How to make text bold in whats app?

To perform this feature of Whats app, simple add ” * ” symbol at the beginning and end of the text.

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