How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank [In 2020]? ​

How To Make Money On Instagram
With Clickbank [In 2020]? ​

This is the ultimate guide on how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank with some of the proven methods.

So if you want to:

  • Optimize your Instagram bio.
  • Choose top-performing Clickbank products.
  • Increase your Instagram followers ethically.
  • Make recurring income through rinse & repeat.
  • And lots more.

Then you will love this new guide.

Let’s dive right in.

How to make money on Instagram with Clickbank

Step 1:

Intro With Stats & Facts

Intro to affiliate marketing on Instagram

When it comes to affiliate marketing, most of us face this question:

“Which social media platform is best for successful affiliate marketing”?

Well, there are many proven platforms like you can start Pinterest Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Affiliate Marketing, or even Twitter Affiliate Marketing.

You name the social media platform and you will get proven tactics to start affiliate marketing on that particular platform in the search results.

But do you know that you can start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram through Clickbank straightforward? 

You heard it right.

Keep reading and I will tell you exactly how you can do it too.

But before that, let me explain to you why Instagram reserves its golden seat to one of the best hosts for affiliate marketing.

Instagram’s monthly userbase has been constantly increasing since early January 2020 till the date. They have a currently satisfied userbase of over 5 billion (Similar Web).

Instagram Monthly Traffic

The average times of ‘like button’ being hit daily are estimated to be around 4.2 billion times every day (Wired)

Average 'like button hit' per day

Hootsuite has reported that some of the Instagram users have a high level of disposable income i.e. income after paying taxes (Hootsuite)

This is a big one.

Nearly every 2 social media users out of 3 between the ages 18-29 are using Instagram (Pew Research)

Instagram users interests based on age

Not only that, at least 63% of the users open the application at least once per day (Pew Research).

Daily Instagram app opening rates

I think these stats have given you a concrete reason to explore further. 

But you may have one question, “how can we earn by using Instagram”?

This is what leads us to our next step.

Step 2:

Clickbank Essentials

Clickbank Essentials

What Is Clickbank And
How Does It Work?

Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate marketing network.

Clickbank allows advertisers to put in their products so that affiliate marketers like you & me can promote those products & get a clear cut commission.

In short, Clickbank will help you make money from Instagram.

Why Clickbank?

Clickbank is one of the oldest and most trusted affiliate networks throughout the globe. It includes almost every country.

Clickbank is also used by some of the big boys in the market including the Authority Hackers.

Due to regular payouts & top-notch support, Clickbank has been able to continue the best work for years.

Unlike other platforms, Clickbank has a wide variety of affiliate products to promote in almost every niche.

Clickbank niches

With monthly active users of over 4.5 million, Clickbank promises to prove its purpose (Similar Web).

After understanding it’s importance, let’s get you on the right track.

Signing up for Clickbank

The signup process has never been simpler & easier than this.

All you need to do is to go to their official website and click on their ‘signup button’ located in the top-right header.

You will see a form in front of you where you need to fill in all the details & accept the terms & conditions and click on ‘Join Clickbank’.

Luckily, this was all you had to do. Simplicity is one of the main reasons why I use Clickbank.

Unlike other affiliate networks/programs, you do not need any approval to start promoting. Once you sign up, you can log in to access your dashboard which looks like this:

Clickbank dashboard

Don’t get confused after seeing the different labels like ‘tickets’, ‘support & shipping reporting’, etc. 

These things are to be kept untouched. Now, all you need to do is to click on the ‘Accounts’ tab and then on your username.

accounts tab in clickbank

You will land on this page:

Clickbank affiliate marketplace page

This is where all the fun begins.
From this page, you will be able to track everything like:

And lots more.
In short, this is the page that you will have to access/use every time.

Filling Necessary Details

Details like contact, address & payment information should be filled in before promoting any product.

To edit all the necessary information, click on the account settings.

Clickbank accounts setting

Clickbank allows its users to receive payments directly on their bank account or through the check.

Clickbank payment policy

Now with that on, let us discuss how to dig outperforming products on Clickbank.

Choosing Best Clickbank Products

Many people think that coming out with a perfect product on Clickbank is the crux and I agree with it too.

But before choosing any product, ask yourself these questions and I make sure that you will come out with the product which you can promote without any hassle.

After asking these questions to your inner self, let us move to find the real treasure.

Firstly, hop on to the ‘marketplace’ as shown below:

Promoting Clickbank products

You will land on the page where all categories of the products will appear.

Categories or niches on Clickbank

Click on any one category that fulfills your criteria. 
For example, I will go with ‘e-Business & E-Marketing’. 

ebusiness & emarketing category on Clickbank

Then select any sub-category & sort the results with ‘Gravity’.

Gravity in Clickbank

Gravity is nothing but the number of people that have brought a successful sale in two to twelve weeks.

In short, the higher the gravity, the better the product. It is advisable to go with the gravity of at least 35 unless the product is listed brand new.

Clickbank has both digital & physical products (books, DVDs, various types of equipment, etc) in their inventory. However, it focuses more on digital products (ebooks, software, games, etc).

This is one easiest method to surf out the hottest products.

But let me reveal another secret method for the same.

Here, instead of sorting products, click on the ‘search button’ to let Clickbank the best products for you.

Auto-search Clickbank products

In this way, a handful of best selling products from different niches will appear. You can try out both these methods to find out the best of all.

After choosing a suitable product, you need to head over to Instagram to apply the remaining proven tactics.

Step 3:

Instagram Essentials

Instagram Essentials

Before we go deep into promoting & earning stuff, let me tell you some of the basic yet important Instagram algorithms to make your workflow smooth.

To succeed on Instagram + Clickbank affiliate marketing, these should be kept in mind:

Creating A Business Account On Instagram

This is a very simple process. Therefore, I am letting this video explain the whole process to you. 

I make sure that after this video, you will be able to create one easily. It’s free.

Why Business Account?

It has a simple meaning. If you want to create a well-reputed brand image, you need to use a business Instagram account. 

With your public profile, anyone in this globe can see your posts, like them, comment on them, and even follow you. Every professional uses a business account.

It also allows you to separate yourself from others by inserting your website link, your contact details (phone or mail id), and even the profession tag.

Not only that, with a business account, you can track the specific & general stats in the form of beautiful graphs from the mobile app insights.

Optimizing Instagram Profile

After converting a personal account into a business account, the second most significant thing to do is to optimize your Instagram profile.

It is your first impression.

A few days back, I published the definitive guide on Twitter Affiliate Marketing where I discussed the same importance of optimizing Twitter bio.

Learn-unique old posts

Similarly, you should do with Instagram too:

1. A perfect username:

Why is this important?

You may have experienced this while searching for someone’s username on Instagram.

When you search it, you may see many people on Instagram but you will find only the relevant one that you are looking for.

This is because Instagram does a great job of matching the intent behind a user’s search.

Similarly, when you create your account, you want to be seen on top when someone searches for a specific term.

For example:

When I search for the term ‘Entrepreneur’, the account named ‘Entrepreneurship facts’ with over ‘1.8’ million followers appears at the top.

Entrepreneurship facts page Instagram

This is because when I saw this page, I noticed that they have reserved their seat by optimizing the username which the audience wants to click & check out.

How to make money on Instagram with Clickbank now

Similarly, you should take your time and get the best name available. A free domain name finder tool Name Mesh can help you with a username.

2. A catchy yet professional bio

Taking a similar example, have a look on the same page and tell me what makes them unique.

how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank affiliate

Maybe you guessed it right.

Their bio is something to look at too. With proper & explaining Emojis, the bio tells it all.

Rather than copying bio from the web, you should try to come out with something unique that stands out. This can only be achieved through trial & error.

Keep doing A/B testing and keep track of what’s working best for your targeted audience.

For example, once I created a page on ‘Facts’ where I tried to craft my bio & username unique with something like this:

best instagram niches to make money

And fortunately, my audience liked it very much. Always remember, in affiliate marketing, your quantity of followers does not matter.

You can make 1000$ with 100 followers. Similarly, you can make 0$ with 1000 followers too. 

Therefore, it is all about the quality & targeted audience.

3. Relevant hashtags in bio

I have seen many people inserting any/irrelevant hashtags without exploring further. This leads to a negative impact on the existing audience.

Instead, try using free tools like Ritetag to find amazing hashtags that work.

It’s free. for Instagram

Besides this, relevant keywords and website links also play an equal part in improving Instagram metrics.

But do we need a website to start affiliate marketing? The simple answer is no. You can start affiliate marketing without a website (More on that later). 

With that out of the way, let us move to the prodigy on Instagram.

Increasing Instagram Followers

When it comes to increasing followers on Instagram, many of us use either of the two tricks:

  1. Follow to follow.
  2. Paid followers.

It is advisable to avoid both of these methods.


When you try to increase followers through follow-to-follow, you cannot perform it in bulk. If you do so, you are more likely to be suspended temporarily or even permanently by Instagram.

Also, even if you follow the other person, he may or may not be interested in your niche.

The second method of acquiring followers through paying a certain service is again useless.

Nowadays, many sites on the web sell followers which are bots and do nothing except an increase in the number.

Ask this question to yourself:

“Why should someone follow me without knowing what I do”? 

You will get your answer.

So what are the proven tactics to increase followers organically on Instagram?

Here the way out:

1. The Shout Out Technique:

Let’s face it.

During initial grinding, it’s very hard to get a huge chunk of traction. It is way more complicated to appear in front of many users’ feed due to the increase in competition.

Here’s where story shoutouts can save your day. In story shoutouts, you need to find a person with similar followers/ growth as yours and contact him/her about shoutout.

What are shoutouts on Instagram?

Story shoutouts help in exchange/gain of followers for two parties by tagging & promoting each other through Insta story.

But make sure that you promote the other person ethically. In this way, he/she will be more likely to collab with you occasionally. 

It will help your followers follow him & his followers follow you. 

It’s as simple as that.

Shoutouts are the most common ways to increase followers on Instagram.

With that, let’s move to the collab posting method.

2. Collab Posting:

 In collab posting or cross-posting, you have to dig out the same people that are somehow interested in what you do. 

How to find that out? Check their profile and you will understand the rest.

Follow them and approach them positively. If they have provided their mail id, then directly pitch in through mail first.

You dont need to be a professional writer. But make sure about correct grammar because many people judge on that too.

Therefore, to prevent any grammatical errors, Grammarly makes it impossible for you to make any mistake.

Just portray how both of you can promote each other by uploading a valuable post.

I bet they will be happy as this creates a win-win situation. You will post about them & they will do the same.

To edit the post perfectly, I suggest using Canva for a variety of options. It’s beginner-friendly and easy to use.

With the ocean crossed, let’s move on to our next technique.

3. Power of Tagging:

This is my favorite method because when it works, it creates an impact.

In this method, you can tag or introduce a professional person in your field on your Instagram posts, stories & even the reels. Not only that, you can follow them on every platform and reply to them in comments.

This builds deeper relations and sometimes they are more likely to share your work with their audience.

For example:

I always wanted to let Ryan Biddulph & Larry Kim recognize my work.

By the way, Ryan is the best selling author, blogger & Larry Kim is one of the most successful internet marketers.

So I started following them both and saw that they are most active on Twitter. I started engaging with them frequently.

After a few days, Ryan not only followed me back but also shared my article on Twitter. 

Larry shared my work too.

Larry Kim from Mobile Monkey

This is the power of internal connections & it stays forever.

4. Instagram Reels:

As you may already know, Instagram released its new feature a few months back called ‘Insta Reels’.

This is one of the most success-giving & a boon for new users.

In reels, you can create a short video for yourself and get more views than your regular post which leads to an increase in followers.

There are higher possibilities that you will receive more engagements on reels because many people like to watch short videos. 

Also, many users are not taking the benefit of this feature. Therefore, you can be the game-changer in your niche.

Reels get shared the most.

But, if you are shy & afraid to come in front of the camera, you can apply the other strategies that I discussed above.

These were the four best tactics to increase your followers & traffic on your Instagram followers.

Now is the time to put all the work into practice. 

Let’s do this.

Promoting Clickbank Products On Instagram

This is the most awaited part of the whole guide. To promote Clickbank products, you will need: 

Let’s discuss them more clearly.

1. Free account:

What is is a free site that allows you to create unlimited links by storing them all on a single link which is shareable.

You can visit, create a free account & start entering the affiliate link of your products in there. 

After signing up and log in, they will explain to you exactly what to do, and believe me, it’s easy yet amazing. dashboard

For example, this is the page that I created from

Dhruvir Zala from


The free version allows you to:

  1. Insert unlimited links.
  2. Giving each of them a unique name.
  3. Inserting a profile photo.
  4. Sharing the link with anyone & on any platform.

What more do you want?

But you may be wondering:

“How will benefit me on Instagram”?

You can use this link on your Instagram bio wherein all your links like the social media profiles, affiliate product links, website/landing pages links, etc, can be stored.

After, you will of course need your affiliate link of the Clickbank product.

Let me help you get that.

2. An affiliate link of a product you are going to promote:

Go to the Clickbank page that we visited earlier.

how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank with easy steps

As an example, I chose the e-Business & e-Business category earlier, so I will choose a product from that.

ebusiness & emarketing niche

But always remember that whatever product you choose, gravity matters.

For example, I chose the product shown below:

Promoting Clickbank affiliate products on Instagram

Therefore, I will click on the ‘promote’ button to get the link.

A new tab will appear where you need to click on ‘generate hoplinks’ and that’s all, you will get your tracking link which you have to promote.

Hoplinks in Clickbank

Pro Tip:
Some products will also provide a ‘vendor spotlight’ below their product like this one. 

Vendor Spotlight in Clickbank

Vendor Spotlight helps with additional stats & data on how the product is performing.

Clickbank Vendor Spotlight

After knowing how to acquire the affiliate link from Clickbank, you will need one blog or a landing page.

Let us see why it is important and helpful.

3. A website or a landing page:

While promoting a product, you cannot directly send your users to the sales page. It will not only create a bad impression on the audience but you are also not providing any value by doing that.

Here’s where a website or a landing page can be a hero for you.

If you wish to create a website, Bluehost is the best & beginner-friendly option to buy the domain name & the hosting. 

If you are interested in promoting the Clickbank products through a website, you should start with Bluehost.

They have an easy to install WordPress support that will set you on fire within 5-10 minutes. Bluehost helps because it requires zero coding knowledge & it is very affordable for all.

Now if you have no current plans for building a blog/website, then do not worry at all, my friend.

Here’s when you will need to create a landing page to promote your products.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single page with an attractive design that is specifically designed to boost sales.

Almost all successful internet marketers including Brian Dean & Pat Flynn use a landing page to sell an affiliate/personal product.

A landing page helps to:

  1. Capture emails/leads.
  2. Improve sales.
  3. Promote any types of products.
  4. Improve customer relations
  5. And lots more.

To create stunning landing pages & to capture leads, there is one best option in the market.

Getresponse has a free plan where you can create unlimited landing pages and collect up to 100 emails. To collect more than 1000 email subscribers, you need to upgrade to their paid plans.

Responsive Landing Page Templates

But, you can keep using their free version till you want.

To be honest, I like Get Response. They are excellent service providers. 

And don’t worry about the process of capturing emails or creating landing pages. 

Once you signup & login in GetResponse, they will help you out in all aspects. The only thing required from you is to learn & grow.

Now that you have learned all the required things, let’s move on to the final step of the whole process.

Step 4:

The Final Step

The Final Step Towards Affiliate marketing on Instagram through Clickbank

Now you have to mix up everything that you learned earlier & put it into practice.

To make real money on Instagram through Clickbank, you need to keep posting quality posts. As discussed earlier, promote your products only after providing 80% value.

Observe & learn from the people who are already successful in doing so by analyzing their posts.

Similarly, you can create a carousel of posts through Canva, and in the last image, you can write “Click on the link in the description”.

This link will be the one from where you will store all your links including the affiliate products & landing pages links.

This was the whole game behind affiliate marketing success on Instagram with Clickbank.

I dont know whether you found these tactics valuable or not but I make sure that after putting all the given methods into practice, you will get results over time.

Consistency will assist you in seeing more flying colors.

Look at you.

You have learned all possible things on how to make money on Instagram through Clickbank.

Now is the time for you to put all the work into action and increase your page’s traction.

But before that, here are some bonuses that will help your automate your Instagram affiliate marketing journey.

Step 5:



Social Oomph:

An Instagram automation tool that will help you automate your Instagram posts, track your progress, and lots more.

Social Oomph is a great time saver as you can automate posts for days, week, or even months in a single day or on a weekend whenever you are free.


Kicksta is another Instagram growth tool that is used by many big boys like Huffpost & Forbes. Unlike SocialOomph, Kicksta helps you track the live count of followers, likes, comments, impressions, and a lot more.

These are the two best Instagram Automation Tools used by millions.

Now, it’s time to wrap things up.

Step 6:



Now It’s Your Turn

It was all up to me.

Now I would like to hear it from you.

Did you like this definitive guide on making money from Instagram through Clickbank?

If yes, then which strategy are you going to implement first?

Is it building a blog from Bluehost to promote Clickbank products on Instagram?

Or is it building a landing page from GetResponse?

Either way. Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Also, share this article with all the bloggers & affiliate marketers to let the thing work for everyone.

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