Pinterest Affiliate Marketing:
The Definitive Guide (2020)

This is the complete guide on Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

In this new guide, you will learn everything from scratch about:

  • Pinterest Pinning Strategy
  • Pinterest Traffic Generation Secrets
  • Growing Pinterest Followers Organically
  • Making Money From Pinterest Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Pinterest Automation Secrets
  • Lots more

Therefore if you want to make passive income from Pinterest + Affiliate Marketing with the help of my proven methods, this guide is for you.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Haven’t you started it yet? Wake up!

Yes, I am talking about generating free affiliate sales through Pinterest. 

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it is the largest visual search engine.

Besides this, most of the shopping decisions are taken after scrolling multiple attractive pins.

Not only that. Pinterest has become the 3rd largest social network in the world as per the data provided by Hootsuite.

What more can you expect from this giant red jelly?

So if you fall under anyone who is looking to generate passive affiliate sales/income through Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing, this post is for you.  

Today, I will teach you exactly how to leverage free Pinterest traffic to your blog and convert it into a successful sale.

But before that, let’s cover up some basics regarding Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

What is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

As you already know, Pinterest is where you can create your pins and divert traffic to your site, Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is the process of generating passive income through Rich-Affiliate-Pins (linking a product to a pin) with the help of Pinterest SEO.

Rich pins are the attractive pins that have a central meaning and a definite purpose that a user will click into it. (more on that later).

What makes Pinterest unique?

Here are some topmost reasons why Pinterest outperforms other social networks when it comes to driving free targeted traffic and affiliate sales.

Ultimate Lead Gen

There are no miracles. You need to constantly create more pins to gain trust from Pinterest and capture more eyeballs.

Keep reading further and I will tell you exactly how you can manage everything very firmly and some tools that will help you automate almost everything.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing- Step by Step Process To Make Passive Income

1. Creating & Optimizing Rich Pins, Boards For SEO

Don’t get frightened when you hear the word ‘rich’. After reading below the process, you will be easily able to create jaw-dropping pins on your own.

Even though I was a novice in graphic designing, however, some miracles happened. The same will happen with you too.

Creating Pins:

To create stunning and catchy pins, you will need none other than the amazing free site a.k.a Canva. (They are also out with the free app both for an android and ios).

With around 160 million monthly satisfied users, Canva becomes one of the top free graphic designing tools.

Canva Monthly Traffic - Source (Similarweb)

However, the free version comes with some limitations such as limited free elements, limited stock photos and videos, no transparent background while downloading, etc.

So if you wish to go with Canva pro at 9.95$ / month, the doors are always 


Try Canva Pro for free till 30 days from here.

To start creating awesome pins, first, open Canva and signup for free using your mail-id.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Using Canva

After landing on the dashboard, click on the ‘Create a design’ button located at the top right corner.

Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog

Search for the ‘Pinterest pin’ and click once it appears. (The official Pinterest pin size in Canva is 1000*1500 which is perfect for our pin)

Creatng pins using Canva

You will land on the pin editing page as seen below.

Learn-Unique - Canva

Now, start to play around with various options. You will only start evolving through trial and error. Keep trying and seeing what works best for you and your audience. (There are ready to use templates available. So you can change whatever you like to save your time)

For now, I will show you one sample of my pin to save time.

See! How I created a wonderful pin within a matter of minutes.

 Afterward, you can save your pin by clicking on the download button at the top right (You can save it in png, jpg, pdf, ppt, mp4, and even gif).

As said earlier, you will become good at it only when you start using it. This was all about creating a pin easily for Pinterest.

I would recommend you to go with Canva Pro only when you can create amazing graphics with the free one.

Posting Pins Properly:

I have seen many affiliate marketers complaining about getting their Pinterest account banned or getting very little traction.

This is because he/she never peeped into the most important part of Pinterest i.e optimizing pins for SEO.

Let’s learn how to do the same.

Firstly, open Pinterest on your desktop browser and create a free Pinterest account. Make sure you convert your Pinterest account to a business account from the settings. Learn how to do it from here.

affiliate programs for pinterest without website

Then, click on the ‘create’ button located at the top left in the Pinterest homepage and then click on ‘create pin or product pin’.

Pinterest Traffic Generation Secrets

Now, you will observe the following page opened as seen below.

make money on autopilot

Then comes the integral part that lays the foundation for affiliate success in Pinterest. Now you will be doing some serious keyword research and SEO optimization for your pin.

To make your pin stand out, firstly go to the ‘homepage’.

From your homepage, click on the ‘search’ button located at the top right. Afterward, search for the keyword for which you want to rank.

Suppose if I want to rank for my affiliate keyword ‘Best Business Books’. So I will search that keyword on my search bar and click space.

Like Google, you will see auto search suggestions from Pinterest. The keywords that Pinterest will show are your LSI keywords. Therefore, by including these keywords in your pin title and description, you are more likely to rank for multiple keywords.

affiliate email marketing

P.S: Focus on multiple keywords.

Note down the keywords that you wish to include in your pin and then click ‘enter’.

Now, you will be able to find out more important keywords related to your topic and even see the top pins that are already performing well for the keyword that you targeted.

Pro Tip: To find out the most saved pins, download this amazing Pinterest extension called Pinontop. It is a free yet effective extension to find out which pins are saved the most and are on top.

Wait, there’s one more secret method to find out evergreen and lucrative affiliate intended keywords. 

Let’s learn that too.

To begin, I assume that you are on the home page of Pinterest.

Now, I want you to click on ‘Analytics’ and then ‘Audience Insights’.

Pinterest Audience Insights

You will land on the page with lots of data, charts, and campaigns. But, don’t worry, we are not doing any paid ads.

All you need to do is to click on the red-colored button named ‘Create a campaign’.

Pinterest Keyword Research

A new page will open where you can select any options that are given and click on the ‘continue’ button.

Click on continue

Now, scroll down and stop when you see a Search Bar with keywords and monthly searches.

Search For Affiliate Rich Keywords

Search your affiliate keyword and BOOM…

You will end up with unlimited keyword ideas that you can include in your pin title and description.

These are the only 2 best ways to surf out some highly profitable & less competitive keywords. However, if you come up with any new tactic, don’t forget to share it with all of us in the comment down below.

Now, head back over to optimizing our pin with rich keywords.

Remember, I picked up a dummy keyword ‘Best Business Books’ as my main keyword.

So I picked up some important and LSI keywords with the help of the above two methods which I just discussed.

Therefore, my final pin should look something like this.

I hope you get the idea of optimizing a rich affiliate pin now. Don’t forget to add hashtags in your pin description as you do on your Instagram post. (Try to add at least 3-5 hashtags for more reach).

But you may still have one question asking ‘where will I share this pin’?

So to save your pin, you need to create a board on that specific niche and Pinterest gives full freedom of creating unlimited boards on different topics as discussed earlier.

Let’s go back on our final optimized pin and click on the ‘select’ button. After clicking, you will see a ‘red plus sign’ saying ‘Create board’.

Creating a Perfect Pinterest Pin

Now, you will be able to create a new board and save your pin on that specific board easily.


While creating your board, you will see an option called ‘Make it secret’. Don’t do it. By doing this, no one except you will be able to see your board.


While creating boards too, try to add hashtags and keywords on a similar topic to increase your organic reach.

In fact, unique hashtags helped me reach out to almost over 100K people in a month.

Finally, I assume that you have learned how to create rich pins that stand out.

As this is the ultimate guide on how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links, we need some affiliate links.

Let’s get that too.

2. Joining Suitable Affiliate Programs To Link Pins:

Finding the right affiliate program/network plays a huge role in whether you will get the right products and services to promote or not.

The main difference between the affiliate program and an affiliate network is that the affiliate program includes an affiliate product of that specific company/brand.

But, affiliate networks include a variety of affiliate programs that you can promote and manage all at a single page.

In short, Affiliate Networks > Affiliate Programs.

Some of the best Affiliate programs/networks for Pinterest are as follows:

There are many more out in the market, but I and millions of other affiliates find these sites more authentic and useful.

You can join them one by one by filling in the necessary details, waiting for the approval mail, and start promoting their products and receiving a handsome amount of compensation every time a sale is generated through your affiliate link.


Never place the direct affiliate link on your post, instead redirect users to your blog posts or landing pages first. 

If you are a beginner and just starting with creating landing pages, GetResponse can be the bread and butter for your affiliate marketing success.

Besides this, GetResponse also helps in capturing lead magnets and converting them into pure gold customers.

GetResponse is a tool that helps in:

Now, let’s get back here.

3. Group Board Secrets:

While driving massive traffic to your pins, the only advice that I want to give you is to join group boards.

What are group boards on Pinterest?

Group boards are similar to personal boards. The only difference is that the group board includes a large number of audiences and a large number of contributors.

In short, the group board allows people like you and me to pin on their board and drive traffic.

That’s the main reason why I post too frequently on group boards.

How do I find group boards?

It has never been easier than this.

Hop on to the website called Pingroupie.

This is a free website that will allow you to find group boards on any niche.

First, head over to this website.

Then, search for niche related keyword in the search box.

Pingroupie Tips and Tricks

Perform some extra settings like:

  1. Selecting the ‘request to join’ button.
  2. Selecting ‘updated’.
  3. And ‘Descending’.

Now, you will be able to see the checklist of all group boards that allows you and me to join & pin.

Click on the board that you think is relevant to you and a popup will appear.

Growing Pinterest Followers Using Pingroupie

Click on the button in the popup and you will be redirected to Pinterest.

Join the group boards and start pinning.

Tip: You can join unlimited group boards on Pinterest. The more group boards you join, the larger amount of eyeballs you capture. 

Now, let’s talk about the power of saving other people’s pins.

4. Repinning existing pins for more traction:

They say…

Saving other’s pins on your boards is an unfair practice that is wrong.

Instead, saving other’s pins is fair in the eyes of Pinterest.

Besides this, it helps users to:

  1. Build stronger long-term relations.
  2. Gain more engagement.
  3. Helps new boards to fly quickly.

I was able to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to my new board by saving third-person pins.

Now, let’s move on to the most overrated topic on Pinterest.

5. Increasing Pinterest Followers:

As said earlier, in Pinterest, Followers play the least amount of roles.

If you don’t believe it, use Pinterest for 5 minutes and have a look at some of the accounts.

You will see some data like this:

  1. 1k Followers, 100k monthly traffic. 
  2. 40k followers, 10 million monthly traffic. 

I have even seen people with less than 1k followers driving monthly traffic of over 100k every month.

I was able to drive traffic of around 100k with just 180 followers last month.

Pinterest Growth Strategies

Not bad.


Though Pinterest followers matter less, if you have more followers, your affiliate pins will be recommended to more people, resulting in more clicks and more chances of sales. 

Therefore, having more Pinterest followers is also a win-win situation.

So, don’t run too much in search of a handful of followers. Instead, follow these 3 methods that I have started using to grow Pinterest followers.

1. Create Video Pins:

This is a single strategy that helped me drive over 3k impressions + larger engagements on many video pins.

My Pinterest Impressions and engagements

Creating video pins is not at all a hard task. In fact, a 10-year-old child can also do it with Canva and if he/she has canva pro then it is a sure success. 

Video pins rank because there are very few people creating them.

After my subtle research, I found out some astounding results:

  • Video pins tend to perform better with any background color.
  • The user stops scrolling when he/she suddenly sees a moving picture.
  • They have a higher Click Through Rate (CTR).
  • Pinterest is promoting more video pins over image pins due to an increase in rivalry.
  • Video pins are not hard to create using Canva.
  • Play a vital role in providing extra exposure to your brand.

Therefore, I started creating more video pins resulting in quick growth. So create video pins.

Pro tip:  Your video should be short around 7-15 seconds in length.

2. Facebook Groups:

When nothing helps, Facebook is always a savior.

You can grow your Pinterest followers by joining Facebook groups on Pinterest where they allow you to post your Pinterest profile and people who like it will follow you.

As simple as that.

First of all. Open Facebook.

Then, click on the ‘groups’ icon located at the top.

Afterward, search for ‘Pinterest’ from the search bar located at the top left and click enter.

Kudos! You have carved out many Facebook groups related to Pinterest. Join the ones that have large amounts of followers and start promoting your website.

Join Pinterest groups on Facebook

P.S: Don’t spam. Facebook is stricter in terms of link posting. In fact, my account was temporarily banned for posting too many links in a day. So, stay away from that.

3. Use Hashtags:

This is the evergreen method to grow your Pinterest followers quickly. Besides this, this method is simpler than anything else.

Anastasia from Anastasia Blogger uses this trick to grow her Pinterest organically over 50k followers and over 10 million monthly viewers.

It’s not hard to find out these lucrative hashtags. You don’t even need any third-party extension to do this.

While optimizing pins, make sure to add some hashtags (related to the topic) at the end of the pin description. Try to add hashtags that you think people will be searching for.

Lastly, I do not recommend this last method a.k.a follow-to-follow method.

As the name suggests, you need to follow others and they may follow you back. There is no guarantee of getting a follow back.

This method works fine in some cases but is time-consuming. Besides this, Pinterest has set a limit of following a specific amount of people per day.

So be careful about that. Otherwise, the above 3 tactics work like a charm.

This was all about growing your Pinterest followers. Now, let us move on to the end.

Advanced Automation Trick

Creating Pins? Check.

SEO Optimization? Check. 

Now, what is still left?

In fact, this is the main thing to reduce your work a lot to almost zero.

It’s called Automation.

What is automation?

Automation is a process of breaking a large task into a smaller one and delegating it to either another person (PA) or a third-party tool.

Which means that you can let other people/tools do all the work for you.

But how is this possible?

If you want a person to do this, you can find legit Pinterest Assistant on freelancing sites and he/she will handle all your things from creating a pin to promoting one.

I don’t recommend this method when you are a beginner because it costs much.

Therefore, I found out an awesome alternative that’s even better than having an assistant.

The name of the automation tool is Tailwind. Though they charge 9.99$/month, it is a perfect bet.

Tailwind For Pinterest

You can also start their free trial without any credit card from here.

Tailwind will help you in not only promoting your pins but also scheduling them which will save your time to a great extent.

You can check out the Tailwind review by TrustRadius from here.

So some of the tools that I mentioned above like GetResponse, Canva, and Tailwind prove to be the main carrier for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing success.

Thanks for making up here. Now, I guess you are ready to start your Affiliate Marketing + Pinterest success journey.

So let me walk you through some basic stuff that you need to follow every day about Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

No. You can create landing pages from GetResponse as discussed earlier. However, if you wish to create a WordPress website, you need to pay for Domain and hosting.

According to Louise, colors with warm bright tone outperforms. However, some of my pins with dark colors also did well. So you need to do A/B Testing.

It’s a big no. Never do that. By inserting a direct affiliate link, you are not only breaking Pinterest rules but also loosening your connections with your audience by sending them directly to the sales page.

Try to build a landing page or a blog post as a middleman.

The best advice is to create pins not more than 30 per day. To make it easy again, Tailwind can help you schedule your as well as other pins within minutes.

As of now, Pinterest is booming with a monthly satisfied userbase of over 1 billion according to Similarweb. Therefore, it’s a great chance for you to get your hands’ little bit dirty and dig out the treasure.

Anything else? No. You are good to go now. I make sure that all the tips and tricks mentioned above are working well right now.

After following all the steps mentioned above, you are ready to be a bomb in Pinterest Affiliate Marketing and make passive money even while you sleep.


It was all up to me.

Now, I would like to hear it from you.

Which strategy did you find the most interesting?

Was it gaining Pinterest followers through Facebook groups or automating your workflow through Tailwind?

Or did you find out any new strategy that is not mentioned in this definitive guide?

Either way. 

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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