Pinterest Traffic Generation | The Ultimate Mind-blowing (2020) Guide

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What is Pinterest?

Many people still think that Pinterest is a social media platform. It is, but it is given the priority of a search engine and also Pinterest Traffic Generation source. 

According to the Similar web, Pinterest gets around 1 billion monthly searches (approx. 996.20 million), and it's likely to increase day by day due to the increase in the demand of the visual content. Click To Tweet
Pinterest Monthly Traffic According To SimilarWeb
Pinterest Monthly Traffic According To SimilarWeb

Pinterest is a perfect place to promote all things like blogs, YouTube Channel, Social Media Accounts, and Affiliate Products, etc.

The Good thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need a huge number of followers to increase your growth. Click To Tweet

I have seen people with around 1K followers having monthly Pinterest traffic of more than 1 Million. 

This means that everyone can grow on Pinterest. Pinterest is an easy to use platform but the only thing that you require is consistency in pinning.

Pinterest is still underrated and not used by many great bloggers and marketers. So it’s still a valuable time to reserve your seat and generate free and valuable traffic from Pinterest.

How To Rank On Pinterest
How To Rank On Pinterest
Almost 45% of Pinterest users are from the US which is more beneficial for the people who want to target the US. Click To Tweet

Some people say that Pinterest works only on some niches like DIY, Food Blogs, and Fashion. To prove them wrong, I will share some of my growths in a different niche.

Every niche works on Pinterest. If you have a different niche, its good enough to say that you have a monopoly in that field on Pinterest and you can capture a high audience.

Today, I will share some proven tips and tricks about Pinterest Traffic Generation and how you can easily get tons of free traffic from Pinterest through some hard work + smart work.

By the way, you can follow me on Pinterest.

Let’s begin.

Best Tricks for massive Pinterest Traffic Generation in 2020:

#1 Convert your Pinterest account into Business (Its Free):

This is the first thing one should do while creating a Pinterest account. It will not bring instant traffic or any miracles.

Converting your Pinterest account into a Business account will help you track the analytics and growth opportunities.

According to Anastasia Blogger (Pinterest Marketing Expert), Pinterest is the only platform that helps new users to grow without any followers

Converting a personal account into a business account is free and you can do it easily.

It even helps you in analyzing the interest of the viewers, location, and gender. Therefore, it is easy for you to make more relevant content based on the preferences of the viewers.

#2 Claim necessary accounts:

In Pinterest, you can claim (connect) account like Etsy, Instagram, and Website, etc. You can claim all the accounts of any individual as you wish.

Claiming an account helps you to fetch content directly from that specific account.

For example, if you connect your Instagram account, you will be able to post your Instagram posts on Pinterest as a pin and the process will be automated once you publish a new post on Instagram.

How to claim accounts?

1) Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner on the Pinterest dashboard.

2) From all the given options, click on the Settings options.

Convert into business account (Pinterest)
Convert into business account (Pinterest)

3) After clicking on Settings, you will be redirected to your account page. Click on the Claim option.

4) Now, you will be able to claim all the accounts (Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube). Click on the claim and follow the process that they tell you. Your work is over.

Besides claiming the accounts, it is advisable to optimize the profile as per the niche and get updated according to the Pinterest latest algorithm.

#3 Join Group Boards:

Don’t start putting pins only on your boards. By doing this, you will end up with fewer impressions and fewer clicks.

Therefore, join other group boards relevant to your niche and start pinning there. This will help new people to explore your pins and you will end up getting more impressions and traffic too.

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Joining a group board where they allow you to pin is easy to find. Head over to

Pingroupie for joining Pinterest Boards Easily
Pingroupie for joining Pinterest Boards Easily

This website will help you find any publicly open group board and help you to join in by sending a request to that group.

Here, you simply need to search the group that you want to join and the list will appear. You can join as many as you want.

But, it is not guaranteed that the group owner will accept your request. But trying more can make a good chance to get more approvals.

But one thing may shock you. You can only pin 200K pins on Pinterest and after you reach that point, you cannot pin more.

The number seems small but 200K pins are just very far. The new update may increase the number. Let’s hope for the best.

#4 Pin Consistently:

Pinning consistently is the major part of Pinterest Traffic Generation. But you should not replace pinning consistently with pinning 50 pins a day. It is advisable to pin 3-30 pins a day. Click To Tweet

Pinning consistently makes a positive impression in the eyes of the viewers and Pinterest which leads to more reach and features in the top pages.

I am using Pinterest for 2 months and due to pinning consistently, I can see great organic results which I will show you below.

Whether you post 3 pins every day or 30, keep the pins perfect. Use Canva to make pins with perfect size and quality.

Its free version is good enough for making good pins. The free app is available for android and ios too. 

Pinterest Traffic Generation Strategy 2020
Pinterest Traffic Generation Strategy 2020

According to pin coach, 10 pins (including own and curated content) per day is perfect for fast Pinterest growth. Pinning other’s pin is also good for an increase in engagements.

Don’t hesitate to share other’s pin on your boards. It helps to build social connections and it is also good in the eyes of Pinterest. 

I pin around 3-7 pins per day with the mix of both (own & others) which has given me a great kick-start in Pinterest. You can even link the same article or YouTube video with many different pins.

 It is normal and almost everyone does it because writing content every day is very hard unless you are working with a good team.

#5 Automate your pins by scheduling them:

Who does not like to automate their work whether it is any type of work? Almost, everyone does. Similarly, Pinterest allows you to schedule your pins and put them in automation.

Always remember, just pinning on Pinterest may or may not bring you the guaranteed traffic. But pinning at the perfect time can bring you quality and targeted traffic. 

When is the best time to pin? Well, it depends on the country. So, you can pin one or more pins in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night each.

This helps in most cases. This is my pinning schedule too. Pin one when you get up and continue pinning throughout the day.

According to the Blog Millionaire, the worst time to pin is around 5 Pm to 7 Pm evening.

So try to pin on the other timings that suit you. You can even keep daily reminders to make sure that you never forget to pin.

The Pinterest application does not give the feature to schedule pins. So, in this case, you can use the Google Chrome desktop version if you wish to perform pinning on mobile phones. 

If you are looking to save your time and automate bulk pins easily, I recommend you to go with Tailwind Pin Scheduler.

Tailwind Pin Scheduler For Pinterest
Tailwind Pin Scheduler For Pinterest

It helps you schedule your Pinterest Pins and even Instagram Posts easily and effectively. 

It is a premium tool but if you a regular Pinterest user, this tool can be very helpful and time-saving. It can even help you repin old pins. 

#6 Optimize Pins with keywords and SEO:

Optimizing the pin is the topmost priority to rank any of your pins on the top page of Pinterest as well as other search engines.

As Pinterest is a search engine, it allows you to rank on your Pinterest top pages as well as Google. Click To Tweet

You may have noticed Pinterest results on the first page of Google. This is not done through paid advertising.

Here comes the main impact through Pinterest SEO and keyword optimization.  

How to optimize Pinterest pins for SEO?

For example, if you are posting a pin on “Best App to make money online in 2020”, you should try to follow the below structure.

Pinterest Traffic Generation Technique
Pinterest Traffic Generation Technique

The best thing about Pinterest is that you do not need to go and find out any keywords from tools like Ahrefs or any tool. 

Pinterest keywords are found on Pinterest itself.

When you search for anything on Pinterest, it automatically gives you keyword ideas. Like Google any other search engine, Pinterest shows the trending auto search suggestions to find out similar keywords.

For example: 

I need to post a pin on “Make money online”. So when I search that term on Pinterest, it will automatically show me more results related to it.

Pinterest auto-search feature
Pinterest auto-search feature

 Using these keywords will lead to Pinterest Traffic Generation. Besides that, when you search “Make money online” and click enter, it will give you more prefix and postfix keyword ideas at the top bar. 

Rank on Pinterest through keyword optimization
Rank on Pinterest through keyword optimization

Once you understand the concept and importance of keywords, hashtags, and SEO optimizations on Pinterest, it will be very easy for you to get massive Pinterest Traffic Generation.

Pinterest is my top referral traffic source. 

#7 Design beautiful Pins with the perfect image size:

Attractive Pinning Approach
Background vector created by pikisuperstar –

As discussed earlier, the size and color of the pins are also an important factor in ranking pins.

As per the Pinterest policy, pins with size 600 × 900 (2:3) are recommended and it is the most used size. 

Besides this, an infographic with longer height also works as they are a rich source of information.

Warm-toned images like Orange, Red, and Brown, etc get more repins than the others.

In some cases, I got more impressions on images with black text too. Pins with every color converts if the pin is perfectly SEO optimized.

Besides this, images with light colors, background images without faces, etc get more repins in comparison.

Pinterest is a very flexible platform as anyone can create beautiful pins through their creativity and grow. You just need to follow the guidelines of Pinterest while using it. 

#8 Don’t Pin any type of stuff:

Pinning beautiful images is a great practice while using Pinterest.

But pinning anything may decrease your profile authority and you may also see a drastic fall in rankings and followers.

Some people just pin anything from anywhere i.e. images of celebrities, memes, etc. This will never help in the long run.

For constant Pinterest Traffic Generation, you need to stick to a niche. Click To Tweet

 If you do not want to stick to a particular topic, at least try to create the best and fresh pins.

Pinning anything may even disable your account if it goes against the policies of the Pinterest or if it is highly copyrighted.

#9 Connect with other Pinterest users:

Pinterest Traffic Generation Strategy
Social media vector created by stories –

Connecting and commenting on other’s pins will give you a very positive response in rankings.

When I started commenting on other people’s pins, some were replying and some even followed me.

This method will not give instant results but it is better than simply posting pins.

Commenting is always good but spamming may lead you in trouble. Never copy one comment and paste it on many other pins.

Pinterest is very strict in terms of spamming and piracy. If you see anyone spamming, you should immediately report him/her.

Always try to be natural. Naturally commenting will create a quality response and a sense of authority. 

#10 My personal growth:

Pinterest Organic Reach Strategy
Pinterest Organic Reach Strategy

The time has come. It’s time to show my personal growth in Pinterest in just less than 2 months and I posted only around 3-5 pins per day.

 When I started, for the first 10-15 days, I didn’t see many impressions and clicks.

But after improving my Canva skills, I was able to generate attractive pins that converted.

It is so normal to see less or no traffic in the beginning.

But always remember that there is a long way to go. We have studied for so many years and still, there are no guarantees that we will get one job.

Similarly, you have just started creating pins for some days or months. So patience is necessary. The results will automatically get unlocked.

Check out the highest impressions that I got on one of my pins. But there were no repins and click-through rate (CTR) was almost zero. No one clicked because they didn’t find the pin attractive.

Pinterest Ranking Algorithm
Pinterest Ranking Algorithm

Using inappropriate text may reduce your CTR. So always give more preference to creating beautiful clickable pins. 

The below screenshot is my total organic impressions and total clicks of 2 months starting from May 1.

Organic Traffic From Pinterest
Organic Traffic From Pinterest

The number is increasing day by day which makes me happier.

I get most of my traffic from the USA as usual.  Pinterest will surely help you get targeted traffic.

You can even run Pinterest ads at low cost and promote your business or products at the desired place.

Pinterest Targeted Traffic
Pinterest Targeted Traffic

You can even check out more stats like the top gender that is viewing your pins, the brand of phone they are using, which web browser they are using, etc


According to me, Pinterest Traffic Generation Strategy and technique can do wonders for your blog, business, or youtube channel.

Some people say that the bounce rate from Pinterest is usually high. But, let me tell you that it is never high if the content is great and compelling.

People just don’t bounce back if the content has great quality and visual graphics.

This was the complete guide about Pinterest Traffic Generation.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Which method helps you to get more Pinterest followers?

From which tool are you creating pin images?

Which colors do you use the most while making pins?

Either way. Answer the questions in the comments below.

Thank you.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine first and then a social media platform.

Are Pinterest business accounts free?

Yes, you can easily convert your personal business into a business account. Pinterest is totally free to use unless you wish to run Pinterest ads.

Can Pinterest make you money?

Yes, you can make a handful amount of money from Pinterest by driving targeted traffic to your blog, product, or youtube channel. However, you cannot make direct money from Pinterest.

Can Pinterest be linked to Instagram?

Yes, you can link accounts like Instagram, Youtube, website, and even Etsy with your Pinterest business account.

To claim accounts, follow this process:

1) Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner on Pinterest.

2) From all the given options, click on the Settings options.
Convert into a business account

3) After clicking on Settings, you will be redirected to your account page. Click on the Claim option.

4) Now, you will be able to claim all the accounts (Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube). Click on the claim and follow the process that they tell you. Your work is over.

Why is Pinterest so popular?

Pinterest has become so popular since the coming years. It is due to the visually appealing content.
People like to see beautiful and attractive visual content and Pinterest has fulfilled the same query.
Besides that, Pinterest has also helped to drive targeted traffic to your blog, youtube channel, or any other desired location.

What are the best ways to bring visitors to the Pinterest account?

Some of the best ways to bring organic traffic to your Pinterest account are:
1. Create a beautiful and clickable pin image.
2. Optimize your title.
3. Optimize the description by adding focus keywords, other important keywords, and relevant hashtags.
4. Pin consistently.

By following the above process, you should expect good results after 15-20 days.

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