Why Step Set Go App Had Been So Popular Till Now? (Best Rewarding App in 2020)

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Read the definitive guide about the best fitness rewarding app aka Step Set Go app. 

What is Step set go (SSG):

Step Set Go App Genuine Review - Learn-Unique
Step Set Go App Genuine Review

Step Set Go is a Mumbai (India) based startup in the form of the rewarding fitness application for Android and Ios

According to the interview by yourstory.com, this app was started by three college friends named Shivjeet Ghatge, Abhay Pai, and Misaal Turakhia by keeping in mind about the importance of fitness in India. 

 After founding the perfect opportunity and gathering the team, the app was perfectly launched in early 2019. Now, the app has more than 5 million downloads.

The app has seen tremendous growth since the beginning as it truly captures what people need. Today, the Step Set Go team has significantly increased to a large number of members. The app provides regular updates and a beautiful interface.

The main thing about the growth of the StepSetGo app is the unique rewarding system that they have kept.

This was the first genuine app that rewards you for walking and being fit. What can be cooler than this? The app rewards coins for walking which can be redeemed as your desired rewards. More will be discussed later.

The app has gained its popularity throughout the country and the progress grows positively due to quality and transparency.

Basic Information About Step Set Go app:


NameStep Set Go App
App sizeAround 57 MB
App AvailabilityAndroid & ios
DownloadsMore Than 69K
Rated For3+


How does the Step Set Go app work?

Step Set Go App - Learn-Unique
Step Set Go App

The app with over 5 Million downloads has an easy and fast loading interface. StepSetGo has the best feature and intelligent AI (Artificial Intelligence) through which all your steps are counted perfectly. You just need to turn the GPS on. 

The Step Set Go app has made some flying colors in just less than 2 years. This app lets the users claim free rewards which vary from coupons, t-shirts, headphones to even iPhone XR. This has proved that this app keeps us fit and… Click To Tweet

Even if your internet connection is off, you can simply see the number of steps increasing if you keep GPS on while walking which is a great feature.

Here, we can even see the stats and points of our other SSG friends. Generally, they provide 1 coin for every 1000 steps. This may sound unnatural to you but you can make even more points than you think by following the method that I will tell you. 

If not only allows you to claim points through walking but also through other features like referring friends, watching ads, and challenging friends for the given tasks. The good thing that gives us peace is that everything in the app is free. No top-ups are required in Step Set Go App.

 I have analyzed many similar rewarding apps but unfortunately, none other apps except this one meet all the happy criteria. This works best for all. If you find a more interesting app than StepSetGo, please mention it in the comment section below.

Features provided by the step set go app: 

Walk and Earn:

Best Rewarding App Dashboard
Best Rewarding App Dashboard

It is the best app that allows users to earn/claim rewards just by walking. What can be even better than this? The Step Set Go community has developed such a great business model by helping people of all ages to stay fit and stay motivated.

The app brings regular updates. After walking, the points that you have gained can eventually be withdrawn as a reward from the Step Set Go bazaar.

The rewards that you can claim by walking are as follows.

  • Food Coupons
  • Streaming Coupons and Discounts
  • Discounts on specific brands 
  • Free T-Shirts 
  • Free Headphones/Earphones
  • Free speakers
  • Free fitness materials 
  • Free Cycles
  • Free Mobile (Current: iPhone XR)

And much more cool stuff that suits you. The app will never ask for any rating or promotion which is another great quality. The app even provides different levels. You can upgrade yourself to a higher level just by walking more and completing your daily walking limit.

Refer and Earn:

Like every application, Step Set Go has also kept an option for spreading the word. You can share this app with your friends and earn 5 points when the user completes 5000 steps. You can share it with unlimited users and take unlimited benefits. 

The good thing about referring and earn is that the Step Set Go app is fully legit and safe so people will regularly share it with their and family. I shared it with everyone once I found it legit. People will use this app as it is trusted and brings amazing rewards for staying fit and healthy. 

So if you want to collect more points, then you can share it to your all social media platforms for maximum benefit.

Watch ads and earn extra:

Best fitness rewarding app in 2020
Best fitness rewarding app

The app lets you earn five extra points every day by watching five advertisements. This is the cool feature to cover up the points on the day when your points through walking are normally less. 

The good thing about these ads is the timings. The ads will be never longer than 30 seconds and after watching one ad, you will need to wait for only 15 minutes for another advertisement. In short, you can complete five advertisements within 75 minutes and you can watch 5 ads every day.

A few months back, the Step Set Go community allowed users to watch 4 ads, but after its cool update, it changed many things with this 5 ad feature. I am using this app for more than 4 months and I have even claimed one coupon from my points. StepSetGo pays rewards. It s 100% legit and safe.

Step Set Go Bazaar (Mall):

In Their app, Step Set Go has separately kept one menu called ‘Bazaar’. Here, you will be able to see all the fresh rewards that you can claim through your existing points. Some rewards like electronics and clothing last for long before updating than others like coupons and stuff.

You must be thinking about where to watch advertisements. Well, this will directly pull you to the bazaar section. By scrolling through the end of the bazaar, you will see the advertisement option where you can finish your daily quota of 5 advertisements and earn 5 points extra.


Daily Tasks As an Arena
Daily Tasks As an Arena

The app provides a different section named Arena. Here, you can see the additional tasks to complete within the given time. Here, you can even challenge your friends and even you compete them in the specific task then you are awarded some coins. Therefore this is a great way to earn extra coins besides walking and advertisements. 

The tasks get regularly updated and there are more opportunities to participate in those tasks and earn a handsome amount of cons.

Here, you can even see some unique tasks on different festivals or occasions where you are required to burn the required amount of calories or walk the given steps. You can even participate in the countrywide tasks where you need to compete for people all over the country. 

Partnership as a Brand:

Step Set Go Brand Partnership
Step Set Go Brand Partnership
Besides walking, this Step Set Go will also help you to increase your sales you have your business where you sell your products related to any niche. Click To Tweet

This is how brand collab with Step Set Go team and show their products on the bazaar section in the form of sponsored products which benefits all the three of us i.e. Brand, App Owner, and the users. 

Therefore, you can too signup up as a brand by filling up all the necessary details by clicking on ‘Partner With Us’ which is situated below the advertisement section.

They can easily help your brand maximize their revenue and grow social relations if they find it valuable and approve it. You can always try.

Benefits of using the Step Set Go App:   

We discussed almost everything related to the Step Set Go app and you may have even understood the basic benefits of the app. But let us discuss something more.

  • The app is free for a lifetime and they never ask for any upgrade or even rating.
  • Step set go works with almost all the basic android smartphones and I phones.
  • It consumes near to very low memory and even the battery which is a positive sign for users with low RAM and MAH.
  • Patience is a must to use this app. There will be flying colors in the future. 
  • The interface of the app is simple but effective and never boring. It is cool.
  • You can see your friend’s stats. For example, You can check their total steps, points, calories burned, and even the rewards that they have claimed. You can even block/unblock any ser in Step Set Go.


How does the Step Set Go App Earn Money?

Step Set Go is a great model and is a great inspiration for all the other fitness apps and websites. This app usually makes money through advertisements and sponsored products. Click To Tweet

There may be more methods through which they have monetized their services, but these two are the primary methods.


How good is the Step Set Go app?

After all the analysis, it all comes to one bottom line.

After using this app for more than 4 months, I can clearly say that the app is the perfect helper without asking for any personal claims. The app is the perfect fit for all the people who have a Smartphone.

Everyone should use this app because why waste your steps if you are even getting rewarded for that. No matter how big or small the prize is. The happiness of achieving that prize after a desired hard work is worth taking it.  

The app is very good, easy to use and my favorite fitness rewarding app.

This was the full guide about the Step Set Go app. Now I would like to hear it from you.

Did you find this app helpful?

Are you going to download this app?

Which feature of the app did you like the most?

Either way, put your thoughts in the comments below.

Do not forget to share it with your friends and family members to make them aware of this amazing creation.

Thank you.

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What is the step set go app?

Step Set Go app is one of the best rewarding fitness apps. The app lets the users earn exciting rewards just by walking and staying fit.

When was the step set go app launched?

Step Set Go app was launched in early 2019 by a group of Mumbai based students who turned this normal app into a giant business model which led them to tie up with many great brands.

Does step set go give rewards?

Yes, Step Set Go goes gives amazing rewards and you can even claim exciting gifts like smartphones for free just by walking.

Is step set go app legit?

The app is 100% safe and legit as it has more than 5 million android users and the users are increasing day by day due to the great quality of the services that they provide.

How does a step set go make money?

Step Set Go is a great model and is a great inspiration for all the other fitness apps and websites. This app usually makes money through advertisements and sponsored products. 

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