Affiliate Marketing On Twitter:
The Proven Guide (2020)

This is the full-proof guide about Affiliate Marketing on Twitter.

Here, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Understand Twitter Algorithms Easily.
  • Optimizing Twitter Bio.
  • Building Long-Term Connections.
  • Increasing Twitter followers for (FREE).
  • Joining suitable affiliate networks/programs.
  • Making Money From Twitter Affiliate Marketing.
  • And lots more.

Therefore, get ready to learn all the secrets that you can start applying instantly for proven results.

Without much wait, let’s dive right in.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Twitter being one of the biggest social media platforms and mainly viral news giant, it has been able to capture a large amount of audience in almost every possible niche.

In fact, it has been a great blessing in disguise for bloggers & affiliate marketers to monetize their content through free yet valuable Twitter traffic.

In this guide to Affiliate Marketing on Twitter, I will discuss exactly the major strategies towards affiliate marketing success on Twitter.

But wait, every blogger & affiliate marketer have this question in mind, “can I use twitter for affiliate marketing”?

The simplest answer to it is YES. 

Every beginner can start a successful affiliate marketing business on Twitter by following some secret steps and strategies that are discussed in this guide. 

But first, let me discuss some of the basic stuff about Twitter, or let’s learn to ‘speak Twitter’.

Twitter carries a global rank of #4 with over 5.8 billion monthly visits according to Similarweb.

On twitter, we can express our thoughts in the form of tweets i.e small messages of character limit up to 280.

This limit makes the tweet more meaningful and up to the point.

Also, using the right hashtags on tweets leads to higher engagements & conversions (more on that later).

Increase engagements on Twitter

Any viral thing around the world first buzzes on Twitter as a trending hashtag. 

Trending hashtags on Twitter

So what are you waiting for? People are generating high-quality leads and even the affiliate sales from the Twitter audience.

Let me help you do the same.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter- The process of making passive income through Twitter

1. Understanding the platform:

Many people have a misconception that affiliate marketing requires a large amount of traffic which is totally untrue. It may be in the case of ads.

But to be honest, affiliate marketing needs only a few tractions that are high intended and easily convertible.

The same is with Twitter. Twitter follows somehow similar patterns like Instagram by eliminating the organic reach after 24-48 hours.

Therefore, I will assist you in writing an affiliate tweet that will help get more eyeballs, impressions, retweets, and of course, link clicks to your affiliate page.

What does an impression mean on twitter?

Impression on Twitter refers to how many times any of your particular tweets appear in front of Twitter users. This helps in growing organic followers that are in a similar niche.

Twitter is a simple and easy to use platform unless you make it complicated.

2. Creating a Twitter account:

Creating a brand new Twitter account is very easy even if you are using it for the very first time.

Firstly, go to the Twitter ‘signup page’ from your browser.

Then, fill in some of the details like name, email, and date of birth. 

Twitter signup

And you are all ready to log in and update your profile.

Now, here’s the deal. While creating your Twitter profile, you need to optimize your profile bio with specific keywords and hashtags to reach a larger audience. 

In the next step. I will discuss exactly how to do it.

3. Optimizing Twitter bio:

This is an integral part that helps you determine success in Twitter Affiliate Marketing.

In this step, you need to optimize your Twitter bio by keeping in mind the following things:

These are the necessary steps that you need to initially perform just after creating your Twitter account.

A few days back, I published a “definitive guide on Pinterest Affiliate Marketing” where I discussed the same thing about starting your Pinterest Affiliate Marketing journey without setting up any website.

Do check the post if you haven’t done yet.

Coming to the point, Brand Name increases your authority in a particular niche and people can relate to your brand through your name. This also helps in branded strategies and deeper connections.

By putting Focus Keywords on the Twitter description, you are indirectly telling Twitter that you are a master of a specific niche. By doing this, Twitter passes your profile suggestions to many people.

Website URL (optional)  helps users directly visit your main website to get in touch with you or your work. If you do not have a website, you can simply insert one of your social media URLS like Instagram or Linkedin.

Hashtags play a major role in increasing your followers as well as the tweets reach. As discussed earlier, every viral news around the world first appears as the ‘Trending Hashtags’ on the ‘explore’ section of Twitter.

Twitter Trending Section

The surprising fact is that Twitter hashtags were discovered by a man named Chris Messina in 2007. His one thought converted into the huge reality that we live today.

Therefore, you should take hashtags seriously. The best free extension for finding amazing Twitter keywords on any niche is RiteTag

This extension helps in finding trending and hot hashtags on any niche that you are talking about.

After installing the extension, you can easily see it on your Twitter account in the form of a purple hashtag. 

Twitter Affiliate Marketing

While creating a tweet, you can explore the hashtags directly by clicking on that purple hashtag. It is as simple as that.

Best hashtag tool for Twitter

This was all about optimizing your profile through specific hashtags. Now comes the brand image.

Brand Image with the brand color is super important. It helps your audience remember you by a specific color. It increases your E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust).

This also helps in maintaining a specific code of conduct as a part of the discipline.

For example, I use my brand color as a Cinnabar (part of the red family) for my website, social media, emails, etc.

Now, you have learned to optimize your bio perfectly. It’s not hard. But many people ignore this important stuff which leads to less initial reach.

After completing your bio, you should know which affiliate program/network to join and is best suited for Twitter. 

So let’s discuss that too.

4. Joining Suitable Affiliate Programs:

There are many affiliate programs out there.

But let’s face it.

Many of us join too many of them and get stuck on which one to choose.

Never perform this mistake. I experienced the same blunders and regret the decision later.

Instead of Joining too many programs, you can join a handful of them and maintain an easy track of them through Microsoft Excel.

Some of the best affiliate programs/ networks suitable for twitter are as follows:

These programs/networks seem to be the perfect and working ones. This is because Twitter’s organic reach is not too high like Pinterest but it is one of the best platforms for building a personal brand and targeted conversion.

Therefore, if you provide consistent value on Twitter, you are more likely to bring more engagements visitors which in turn increases the trust & results in higher conversions on any specific product.

The high value does not mean writing complex words or perfect sentences. Rather, high value refers to the language which is easy to read and interpret by any user.

I do the same with all my guides & one of them is Flyout Review where I used the most simple yet effective language to explain each detail very easily.

I hope you got the point. You can start joining each of these affiliate programs and get their approval very easily.

Now that you have learned & followed the process till here, let us learn the most crucial thing that matters in Affiliate Marketing on Twitter.

Creating an affiliate tweet

What is an affiliate tweet?

In simple terms, an Affiliate Tweet is a tweet that is fully optimized with relevant keywords, proper hashtags, intended link, etc. It is a tweet that is specifically created to get more engagements on Twitter.

To create an affiliate tweet, you do not need to be an expert. Instead, you will be able to create as many as you wish after following this pattern.

1. Optimizing the title with proper keywords:

The title plays an important role in increasing your Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Attractive titles can help you bring in more visitors that may result in higher leads and affiliate sales. 

But how can you write a perfect title?

This is where a free tool named Coschedule Headline Analyser can be a hero for you. This site helps you write perfect titles that are SEO optimized, easy to read, and clickable. 

You can try out different types of headings and they will give you a score out of 100 for every title that you put in. 

You will also get some recommendations to improve. For example, if your title is very basic, they will help you by mentioning the types of words that are missing.

Twitter affiliate marketing through perfect headlines

Coschedule has helped me a lot in improving my titles until today. The more important thing is that they are free to use with some limitations.

Coschedule is also available with its free Chrome extension. You can try that too. 

Don’t get demotivated while you fail in crafting a perfect title. It will only become better through trial and error.

It’s an art. You will learn by practicing.

2.Adding relevant keywords in the description:

Now, you don’t need any paid tools like Ahrefs to perform keyword research on Twitter. You can simply insert those keywords that are relevant to your tweet by following your intuition.

For example:

Suppose I am creating an affiliate tweet on “How can a young woman lose weight easily”.

So, while writing a description, I will try to include keywords like:

  1. How to lose weight
  2. Best tips to lose weight easily
  3. How to lose weight easily at home
  4. Tips for a young woman to lose weight


Keywords are given less importance on Twitter as compared to Youtube, Google, or even Pinterest as it is not a search engine.

Now, let’s move to the intended link part.

3. Inserting intended link:

An intended link is a link that helps the user to land on a satisfactory page. In other words, the intended link helps the user to directly land on the relevant page.

For example: If you are creating a tweet on “How to lose weight”, you cannot link a page on marketing, or SEO.

Now, you must have understood the process of linking a proper page on a tweet.

If you directly link your tweet with an affiliate product, you are more likely to lose trust among the Twitter & the users. In certain cases, Twitter can even penalize your account.

Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a healthy practice by creating a landing page of any specific affiliate product.

How to create a landing page?

If you wish to create only a simple landing page for your products, you can start with Google sites or Blogger.

Both are free to use.

However, if you are willing to create unlimited landing pages without any restrictions, you can go with GetResponse.

The best thing about GetResponse is that it helps users like you & me to collect emails from the users.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you should build a list. An email list helps you send targeted emails that increase affiliate conversions.

GetResponse can be a hero for you in creating landing pages, growing your email list, sending automation emails, and lots more.

Sign up for GetResponse for FREE.

Never compromise on a landing page. It can help create an unending relationship and a higher trust with your audience.

With this, let’s move on to the last but not the least part of creating an affiliate tweet.

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

4. Including images & hashtags:

No wonder why including images increases the Clickthrough-rate by almost 150%.

Also, hashtags play a great role in increasing the reach and followers as discussed earlier.

You can find relevant stock photos from free sites like FreepikPixabay, or Pexels.

Stock photos for affiliate marketing

Pro internet marketers like Larry Kim & Jeff Bullas also uses the image/infographic technique to increase the reach & conversions majorly.

Jeff Bullas Affiliate Marketing

Besides this, you can even paste the images of your product from its sales page itself. Most companies allow this process.

These are the topmost strategies to create a well-optimized and perfect affiliate tweet.

Now let’s move on to the most exciting topic.

Increasing Twitter followers

Mostly, there are two ways to increase your Twitter followers. 

But in this guide, I will discuss only the free one as it is an easy and a beginner-friendly method.

1. Using hashtags on almost every tweet:

As discussed earlier, hashtags are an important part of achieving affiliate success on any social media platform. You will see an automatic push in followers after certain days by adding more hashtags to your tweets.

In fact, by using appropriate hashtags on my tweets, many individuals & brands with a verified account followed me and even interacted in a chat.

Twitter Affiliate Marketing @ Dhruvir Zala

Now, that’s great.

2. Tweeting frequently:

Many professionals have observed and experimented that tweeting frequently increases your engagements to a great extent.

You can understand it by simply mean: If you keep providing value, Twitter will lift your account and show it up on different people’s feed.

You can even get a blue tick (verification badge) with fewer followers if you keep providing quality value. Buffer has smoothly explained how you can be verified on Twitter with some of the proven steps.

You can try to maintain a ratio of tweeting at least 1 time a day. More is even better. But again, don’t spam.

3. Follow to follow:

This is the most common method to increase your followers on Twitter. However, this is the least valuable method to follow.


Because when you follow someone, there is no guarantee that he/she will follow you back.

Also, the person you follow may not be interested in your niche or your product.

So, you should keep this in mind while you are following others. You can try to follow those people who are in a similar industry or interest.

4. Twitter shoutouts:

Like Instagram story shoutouts, you can also withdraw benefits from Twitter shoutouts. As you know that Twitter recently launched “Twitter Fleets” that is very much similar to Insta Stories, you can give a shoutout to the other person and tell him to do so.

This will result in exploration and new followers on interest.

This is an effective method because most people are not using Twitter fleets. Therefore, you can be a quick mover in your area.

These were some of the best logical methods to increase Twitter followers. By posting quality tweets, you will see taction over some time.

Don’t get burned out if no one is following you. Initially, no one will follow you until you start contributing to the platform regularly.

No one except three of my friends followed me until 1.5 months of using Twitter as a monetization platform.

Making money from Twitter affiliate marketing

After following all the above steps. You are ready to bring in some extra cash in your bank. 

By following and practicing the given process, you will successfully be able to make passive income from Twitter + Affiliate Marketing over time.

Now, I would like to introduce you to some bonuses that will make your affiliate journey very easy.


There are many tools out there in the market. But it is very crucial to choose the most valuable affiliate marketing tools for easy automation.

1. Social Oomph:

Social Oomph is an automation tool for almost all social media platforms including Twitter that allows you to automate your every process very quickly and easily.

For example, with Social Oomph, you can automate your daily, weekly, or even monthly tweets. Not only that, you can do infinite stuff with Social Oomph. 

You can schedule each tweet and you can set and forget.

Explore Social Oomph from here

2. Follower Wonk:

Followerwonk for Twitter growth

Follower Wonk is a simple yet effective way to find different users on Twitter, track them, Track your followers, sort and filter people, analyze stats, optimize your profile, etc.

To be honest, I haven’t used it very much. However, you can start using it and exploring it for free.

3. Tweet Stats:

Tweetstats for growth in affiliate marketing on Twitter

As an affiliate marketer, it is essential to keep track of your competitors. This is where Tweet Stats can be a real hero. It is a data and statistics tool.

This free website helps you to provide data about any person’s Twitter profile in the form of a graph just like this.

Dhruvir Zala's Twitter Growth

These were some of the simple yet effective tools to grow your Twitter Affiliate Marketing business.

Also, don’t forget to start a blog with Bluehost if you are planning to start one.

Or you can create stunning landing pages through GetResponse.

Commonly Asked FAQs

Yes. There is no fear of data loss in Twitter Affiliate Marketing or losing Twitter account if you follow the ethical strategies explained here. Twitter is safe to use.

If you are into growing your online business, you need to grow an online presence on Twitter.  

This is because you will not find all the online entrepreneurs on Instagram but i bet you will see them all on Twitter.

You can connect with these entrepreneurs of your niche and grow together.

Twitter is more of formal which makes it unique than the rest.

Well, nothing in life comes easy. Also, affiliate marketing takes time.

You need to provide value, and in exchange you will get benefits in the form of affiliate commissions.

It is not that hard once you start applying three things:

  1. Right stretegies.
  2. Hard efforts.
  3. Patience.

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter - Final Verdict

With over 12 billion $ business, Affiliate Marketing proves to be living with us for many years. 

Not only that, you can even check its originality from Google Trends, I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

With this, you have mastered the concept of affiliate marketing on Twitter. You can start implementing the same process explained here and start expecting results as per the amount of time you give.

You can also learn the full-proof process of Pinterest Affiliate Marketing to master Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest too.

It was all up to me.

Now, I would like to hear it from you.

Did you like the definitive guide on Twitter Affiliate Marketing? 

If yes, then what tactic are you first trying to implement from this guide?

Is it using Getresponse to capture emails for further pitches?

Or is it building an affiliate website through Bluehost?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Also, share this article with all your friends or family who want to start a side hustle from affiliate marketing. 

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