U Speak We Pay Earning App – Payment Proof, Earn Paytm Cash(2020 Best Earning app)

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This is the 21st century and this is the time where many smart people are filling their pockets by ruling the world online. Past 21st century, there was no such technology that could fulfill our today’s need.

Many people still don’t believe in online stuff. But believe me, one keyword can change your life permanently. 

YouTube shows many ways to earn money online. But unfortunately, it is very difficult to find the most reliable and legit ones. There are even many websites on the internet that pay you on the work from home basis. 


U Speak We Pay Earning App
U Speak We Pay

On YouTube, some work as the most absolute ones and some of them do click baits for the views promotions. But these videos put the video viewers/users into depression. Some feel that there is no such thing as online earning.

Well, let’s make everything clear.

You can earn a handsome amount of money online. But it all conditions/depends on which app/site you choose. Some of them can make your life while some can even break it.

 No more reviews or discussions. Let’s come to the main topic.

The name of the app is U SPEAK WE PAY. This is the app that is going to pay you. This is the app that is 100 % reliable and trustworthy.


This is the app that pays you on the amount of work you do and this is the app that is available freely in the market.


So let’s use it wisely and make some extra income to fulfill some of our needs ourselves and independently.

U Speak We Pay:


U SPEAK WE PAY is the fabulous android app to make some extra income online in your free time. 

U SPEAK WE PAY is the only app that can even help the poor people without any required skills to earn an income. This is so because of the app multi-language feature. It simply means that this app allows you to work with the languages (INDIAN) you know.

This is one of the only apps which provide such opportunities to earn money in a legit way. I tried to search for many similar applications in the store.

But unfortunately, it was the only one and this proves their monopoly by serving the best quality services and some easy and unique opportunities to earn money online.

The app removed my fear of entering the online platform and encouraged my beliefs in making money online.

U Speak We Pay Download Details:

NameU Speak We Pay
App size8.9MB
App platformAndroid
Version requirement4.1 and above
DownloadsMore than 5 lakhs
Last updated15 April 2020

Working on the app:

U SPEAK WE PAY app allows you to earn money just by speaking the small sentence that is given on the screen. The best things about the app are the language feature that I already mentioned above.

U Speak We Pay Earning App
U Speak We Pay Earning App

Before the recent update, the app allowed almost all the languages of India. But it has shortlisted the same to 7 languages. But I hope that they bring back all the languages to action.

The shortlisting may have occurred because of the COVID-19The U SPEAK WE PAY app-admin might need to hire some employees to get back to work. 

This app pays you if you speak the sentence properly, without any pronunciation mistake and keeping your voice clear and audible.


Supported languages:

  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • Kannada

Pay Amount (Per correct sentence):

English – 0.1 RS

Gujarati – 0.25 RS

Hindi – 0.1

Malayalam – 0.25

Urdu – 0.25

Punjabi – 0.25

Kannada – 0.25 

I know what you are thinking. What a dull pay!!! Right. But wait, think wisely. If you work here for 2-3 hours a day, you can easily make 500 RS in a day.

Given some time, flying colors will show off. So be patient and be consistent. Nothing can change overnight but everything can be changed if you want it to change.

This is the legit app that eliminates your worry of timely payment. The app pays every day.

Let’s discuss more below.

Additional features:

Refer and earn policy:

This is one of the best ways in most of the earning programs to generate an automatic passive income. Similarly, this app provides refer and earn an option in which a user is given a permanent referral code. If any member joins through the following code, the benefitted user gets the lifetime commission of some amount. One referral code can make your life at ease to gain maximum benefit by sharing it smartly.

FAQ Section:

The most important thing that every user wants is feedback proof and some queries to be solved. Succeeding the point, the app fulfills the following query too. 

They provide the FAQ section in which the major queries roaming in the mind of the users are solved with a perfect answer.

Additional queries solved:

The queries can be anything regarding:

EarningPayment Time
Referral Income
Collection of our voice
Rejection of the sentences

Payment method:

This app is available only for Indian users. So the best payment method selected by them is more likely to be Paytm. As most of the users are more likely to use Paytm, it solves the security-related query of the users too. 

  • Always remember the most important thing about the payment that for earnings to be credited to your Paytm number, the user must compulsorily Paytm verified. This query remains the hindrance to most of the users.
  • Also, the minimum earning for the cash out should be 25 RS which is a cool and easy thing.

Things you need to perform:

As already mentioned above, the users have to freely speak up the given sentence by pressing the microphone button that will be given below. The app will guide you with some tutorials when you end up with the basic signing process. 

In YOU SPEAK WE PAY, everything is very simple and mentioned. I personally like its simple but effective plain interface. I will even guide you about how to download it and set everything with the screenshots below.

How to download and operate the app?

  • Firstly, go to the download button given below and download the app. 

u speak we pay


  • Allow all the permissions that they ask.

u speak we pay


  • Open the application.


  • Sign up or log in. You can sign up with the google id and your Paytm number



  • Start speaking.
  • Start earning.

It’s that simple.


Safety measures:

This app has maintained its safety level and transparency level to a great extent. They give the day to day updates regarding the app and some upcoming events and the payment is guaranteed. They are available 24 hours a day to solve all of your queries. 

If you are filled with some extra major problems, kindly contact to their email id:

[email protected]

Some useful reviews by the existing users:

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Review of U Speak We Pay

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What is U Speak We Pay app?

U Speak We App is one of the best money making apps in the market. Here, you can earn a handful amount of money just by speaking the given sentences.

How to use this app?

First of all, download the app from the play store.
Then allow certain permissions.
Sign up with the Paytm verified number.
Start Speaking.
Earn Unlimited.

Is U Speak We Pay app available on play store?

U Speak We Pay app is FREELY available on the play store.

On which platform does U Speak We Pay app works?

U Speak We Pay app works on the Android platform.

How much money can you earn with U Speak We Pay app in a day?

According to them, if you work full-time, you can easily make more than 500 RS in a day.

Are u speak we pay reviews genuine and worth it?

As per my experiences, the play store reviews about u speak we pay app are all in favor which is a very positive sign about the authenticity of the app. Besides this, YouTube reviews about u speak we pay app are also genuine with payment proof.

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